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Concrete Wall



   If you are looking to intensify the appearance of your home or just do a touch-up to complete its look, siding is the way to go! There is a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, all depending on the likes and preferences of our clients. Our experts on siding at  Recinos Siding Contractor are here to help you with options of different colors and styles for your home, answer any questions, and walk you trough the process of what will be done in your house. Our company provides different services such as: siding installation, siding repairs, and replacement according to your needs. We are open to work with different types of siding; the most common siding that our experts work with are Vinyl siding, Vinyl Insulated siding, Cedar Shake siding and Hardie Plank siding.

   We also know the importance of keeping gutters in good condition. These will help to keep the water from getting into your property. It is necessary to keep the gutters in good shape which is why we offer gutter repairs and re-installment as well as gutter covers or gutter guards to help prevent them from getting clogged from buildup of leaves, sticks and anything else that may fall into them. 

    Vinyl Siding is plastic siding used for decoration and weatherproofing a building. It is also recommended instead of other materials such as aluminum. Vinyl siding is one of the few that are certified to international standards and verified by an independent quality control agency. Vinyl siding is designed to sell. it is one of the top choices for any new houses every year and when paired with trim and other accessories here at Recinos we'll make sure it gets the job done.


Vinyl Siding

    Hardie Plank Siding also known as Fiber-Cement Siding is a combination of cellulose fiber and cementious materials  that comes in long horizontal strips. Hardie plank siding is partly wood (the cellulose) break a piece and you will see that it is interlaced with wood fibers. Embossed texturing is the type of molding use in Hardie Plank siding which gives it a simulation of wood grain and a richer look for each board therefore its smooth texture.

Hardie Plank Siding

   Gutter Guards are a very efficient way of making sure your gutters last their full life expectancy which means less cleanups, less repairs, less worrying that water might be getting inside your residence doe to a clogged up gutter. With Gutter Guards if there is ever a leak in your house you can be certain that it is being caused by something other than your gutters. 

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Gutter Guard

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