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Here at Recinos Siding Contractor we offer window/door installation and replacement as one of our services. Our experienced crew members will schedule a meeting to come to your house and take all measurements needed to have a perfect fit for your home. There is a variety of styles and sizes for windows including: double-hung windows, bay windows, casement windows, bow windows, garden windows, etc. As well as plenty of styles for doors such as: the classic-style patio door, french-style patio door, contemporary-style patio door, etc. All depending on the likes and preferences of our costumers. 

   Double Hung windows have two operating sash that move up and down allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom or both. The sashes also lean in for easy cleaning. They are one of the most common style of windows seen in most houses, but non the less they are very good looking windows that give a nice feeling to most houses therefore they are popular/common and affordable.  

Double-Hung windows

   Bay and Bow Windows can expand the view from inside the house and provide a more functional living space. Both Bay and Bow windows extend beyond an exterior wall in a graceful arch of different windows which improves any hose's curb appeal. Bow Windows are typically larger than Bay windows and has more glass area. The ability to add a window seat to both Bay and Bow windows is what provides a better functional living space to your hose, because if you are thinking of using a bench for your window sit why not also see it as an opportunity for storage space.


Bay/Bow Windows


French Patio doors have a very intricate appearance to them therefore they are mainly used in on homes that traditional architectural styles, but what really matters are the home owner's needs and preferences. French patio doors are also known as swinging or hinged patio doors as they can open inward and outward from the middle.

French Style patio door

 Classic Style Patio Door is just a fancy way of referring to the good and reliable sliding patio door. The Classic Style patio door is is the perfect choice for most style of homes if what you want is a bright, open living space, energy-saving thermal performance, comfort and efficiency.   

classic Style Patio Door

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