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Concrete Wall

Privacy Policy

     This website is exclusively  owned and managed by the Recinos siding Contractor, LLC company and it is in no way partnered with any third party sites.

    The information entered/submitted into this website will be kept in record for at least six months. When Recinos siding Contractor, LLC accepts a project, we shall keep record of said project indefinitely  for personal management and accounting purposes.

    Information submitted into this website shall not be seen or monitored by, outside sources. Anything you click on that takes you to another web page will open a new tab, which means that both pages are separate from one another, but is it needed for copyright reasons. Links to social media does not mean that the information entered here will be shared or exposed to said links.

   The website used to create is very reliable and has nothing to do with our users information. The website is marely a tool that uses the company's information prior to creating this website.

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